Careers at CTO 24/7

Many companies just like singing their own tune and blowing their trumpets! However, by becoming a part of CTO2 4/7 you open your horizons to limitless possibilities. And that is not just a statement but a practically proven fact - just ask our employees!

Providing IT, Consulting, Process Improvement and Business Process Services

Life at CTO 24/7

The higher management at CTO 24/7 realizes the true potential of employees which is why a highly cultivated environment is created that enables employees to become the best version of themselves. As each employee discovers their strengths, the workplace transforms into an energetic zone of buzzing energies, and ideas.

In turn, CTO 24/7 further encourages it's employees to keep up the pace by rewarding their outstanding efforts. Ultimately, the company grows with it's employees and hence it's a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Clients show unfaltering faith in CTO 24/7 because of our long withstanding market repute. And this repute has remained intact only because of our passionate employees.

Views of our Employees

When I first came for an interview, I believed it to be just another software development company that practices a similar authoritarian leadership style. But after joining the firm, I quickly learnt that CTO 24/7's hierarchical structure operates as ONE single unit. Surely, there is no 'I' but "we"- in achieving our day to day targets.

The management fosters teamwork which sets a positive attitude between staff members, encourages participation and allows us to function together towards a common objective. Here, we all support each other to learn and grow. I am looking forward to strengthening my organizational skills together, with my team!

Sumreen Fatima Senior SQA Engineer

The key benefits of working at CTO 24/7 are that it offers us; work - life balance, a motivating and friendly working environment, compensation benefits, growth opportunities, a strong leadership, supportive team culture, recognition and rewards from the senior management - all of which pushes us to strengthen our capabilities and work towards achieving a common goal of increasing the productivity of the firm.

Abbad Bin Khalil Senior Supervisor

CTO 24/7 offers an excellent working environment where employees work together as collaborative teams to achieve company's objectives. The supportive and motivating culture is the primary factor behind their success. CTO 24/7 provides significant learning and growth opportunities for its employees. Moreover, their direct interaction with the onshore team located in Houston, Texas gives them a global experience and a chance to know more about their organizational culture. Our clients always value and appreciate the high level of quality of service which we provide to them.

Saleem Haider Analyst Programmer

The Room With A View

CTO 24/7 is not a dreary and dull place. In fact, we ensure that our employees are not only provided with a safe environment but are also well taken care of. We believe in having fun-filled surroundings which is why our office is designed to enhance the working capacities of our employees.

We Take Pride In Our Corporate Culture

There are alot of misconceptions about the so-called corporate culture as many believe it to be a show run by few who overlook the contributions of many. At CTO 24/7, employees are encouraged and rewarded for excellence in their respective areas of service.

One Team, One Dream

Together; we work, sit, plan and strive towards one common objective - to provide quality work. The common goals enable everyone to remain on the same page at all times.

Express Yourself

The workplace maintains a friendly and cooperative culture where everyone has the right to freely express their opinions. Every individual at the organization can approach the top management without any hesitation regarding any issue that may affect their performance in the assigned tasks. It is the responsibility of the management to provide utmost help, guidance and support.

CTO 24/7 provides an open communication channel throughout the hierarchical structure that builds trust and promotes strong interpersonal relationships between employees.

Working within a group of very talented and motivated individuals; they constantly remind me of why I chose this job - to be challenged and stretch beyond my comfort zone. For hard working and committed employees, CTO 24/7 offers a great place to nurture and develop. As I continue to challenge myself, I'm provided ample opportunities to further excel.

Hassan Waheed HR Officer